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Wild Olive Trees In Pakistan

According to falak naz shah, the head of agriculture research institute (ari) tarnab’s food technology department, there are 80 million wild olive trees in malakand and 18,000 of them have been. Ahmad syed, project director, kp olive trees cultivation said that spain was producing about 45 per cent of the total world’s edible oil from olive cultivation on 2.6 million hectares while pakistan despite having a vast suitable area of 4.4 million hectares for olive farming as compared to spain is importing around 75 per cent edible oil for.

Olea africana (African Olive / Wild Olive / Indian Olive

The fruits from wild olive trees were collected from different locations in pakistan (i.e.


Wild olive trees in pakistan. Likewise, grafting in about 500,000 wild olive plants was made and olive orchards on 12,000 acres were raised. Dry scrub forests, called rakhs, grow in parts of the arid plain. Was collected from barani agricultural research institute, chakwal (baric) for comparison.

Officials said over 35 crore olive trees were found in merged areas as climate of bajaur, kurrum, khyber, orajzai and waziristan districts were suitable for its plantation. However, the agriculture department, in 2006 converted the wild olive trees into fruit bearing trees by grafting in najigram valley of barikot tehsil from which the local farmers started getting. Olea exasperata, one of the wild olive trees of south africa, is an ornamental shrub or small tree that generally occurs in coastal scrub, on sand dunes and is able to withstand the harsh conditions of the coast.

Whereas a reference sample (ocot) of a local variety (zaitoon ii) olea europaea l. “the most suitable climate conditions, quality soil and ecological […] Illegal cutting of wild berry and olive trees in different areas of bara here has been continuing without any check, sources said.

Blessed with varieties of soils, ecological zones and climate conditions, pakistan is a unique country with over 4.4 million hectares of suitable land for plantation of olive trees. About a decade ago, the initiative of grafting wild olive trees was taken from malakand top where hundreds of old trees were grafted with oil producing species that proved successful. Characterization of olive oils obtained from wild olive trees (olea ferruginea royle) in pakistan @article{anwar2013characterizationoo, title={characterization of olive oils obtained from wild olive trees (olea ferruginea royle) in pakistan}, author={pervez anwar and a.

If these are grafted and transformed into productive olive trees then it would generate a. Peshawar blessed with varieties of soils, ecological zones and climate conditions, pakistan is a unique country with over 4.4 million hectares of suitable land for plantation of olive trees. Differences of latitude, elevation, soil type, and climate have favoured a variety of plant growth.

The initial surveys showed that there are eight million wild olive bushes in different areas of pakistan. The plains present a parkland view of scattered trees. They told this correspondent that local men in lawatta.

Olea is a genus of 20 old world tropical and temperate species (mabberley, 2002). Cuspidata was probably the ancestor of o. He said out of 70 million olive trees, they will graft 40 million olive trees in the next five years through agriculture department.

Olive trees are inaccessible in some areas because of the mountainous region. Bhara kahu, kotli sattian and dir swat); The provincial minister for environment and forests.

The rough, grey bark sometimes peels off in strips. The government’s initiative in 2016 to launch an ‘olive valley’ program in potohar grew 1 million olive trees on 8000 acres. Cuspidata is the widespread wild olive which is native to a broad area from southeast europe and northeast africa through southwest asia to the drier parts of yunnan and sichuan in china (green, 2002).

Sprays of tiny, lightly scented white to greenish flowers (october to february) are followed (march to july) by small, spherical. 70 million wild olive trees are found in kp, said muhammad ishtiaq umar;

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