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Warrior Cats Family Tree Wiki

The 10 most common surnames in japan and their meanings. So, 12 moons would mean one year old.

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Firestar is a ginger tabby tom with green eyes.

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Warrior cats family tree wiki. Warrior cat family tree maker studios. Tree is the current mediator and resides in skyclan. His best friend graystripe comes back from riverclan and joins thunderclan again.

A few moons later, graykit, whitekit and littlekit were playing out of the nursery while. 7 of the most important ancient egyptian gods. Warrior cats family tree creator.

Stoneclaw is a tom with an unknown description. Lego the lego movie 2 movie maker 70820 walmart com. Tree is a small, thickly pelted, muscular, bright yellow tom with amber eyes, and he has six toes on one of his hind paws.

1 what is the wcrpdc? Warrior cats family trees this family tree represents the thunderclan connections through the first book, warriors: 1 history 2 personality 3 images 3.1 real life image 4 4.1 fanart 5 family 5.1 members:

At the end of the book, tigerclaw is then tigerstar, leader of shadowclan. Climbable oaks line the clearing, so the clan is well versed in tree battle. Heathertail is a windclan warrior under onestar's and harestar's leaderships in the lake territories.

She was born as the sole kit of whitetail and onestar, and she was apprenticed as heatherpaw to crowfeather. Basically, i get on a warriors rp game on roblox and try and create as large of a family as possible, and try to make it last a long time (and by that i mean try and make sure your entire family doesn. Power of three series as the queens are not required to tell who has fathered their kits, there are some lineages that only starclan know.

We rp with the following clans: Learn more about your favourite warriors and their ancestors in this interactive family tree. A faint frown formed on his face before he turned his head.

Posted by himsa at 7:20 am. Earth was forced to leave his kin per the sisters culture at six moons old. Dawn of the clans family tree by littlelpswarriorfan on deviantart.

Her mother, eclipsekin, father wolftooth, brother featherstar, sister moonleaf, and mate sageflower. Kits must be seven moons to be an apprentice. Family tree warrior cat clans wiki fandom powered by wikia.

She is a warrior of breezeclan. Thrushwing the official warrior cats wiki explore Graykit is born together with whitekit, littlekit and daisykit to mudfern and boulderclaw.

She formed a close bond with a thunderclan apprentice, lionpaw. He later met his father, root, who taught him to survive and. Ultimate warriors family tree spoiler alert warriors amino.

1 history 1.1 in the field guide arc 1.1.1 secrets of the clans 2 family 2.1 members sister: Warriors thunderclan cat graystripe art cat png pngbarn. Cat warriors thunderclan family tree thunderstar png 1024x830px.

Into warrior cats 6 clans! This family tree represents the thunderclan connections through the sight, the first book in warriors: More art of these cats will be posted later on.

Honoring the mother cats warrior cats. As the queens are not required to tell who has fathered their kits, there are some lineages that only starclan know. She has dark green eyes.

7 best warrior cat family tree images warrior cats warrior cats. Since firestar was a leader, he had nine lives. Dog vs cats happiness divide among pet owners is stunning.

A full chart connecting all our beloved characters. 5.2 family tree 5.3 quotes 6 apprentice table firepelt is a respected warrior of thunderclan. The brown tom's pelt stiffened as he shrugged his shoulders.

He trusts his clanmates deeply, and would lay down his life to protect them, even though he only has one to lose. 2 march 9, 2019 3 may 29, 2019 3.1 one hour into it 3.2 two hours into it 3.3 three hours into it 4 june 12, 2019 5 family tree gallery the wcrpdc is a challenge i made up. He was born in the sisters to moonlight with his sisters sunrise and ice as earth.

His nephew was old enough to be an apprentice and was given to fireheart to train. Tigerstar had set a pack of dogs on thunderclan so fireheart thought of leading them over the gorge to their. Flash make a warrior cat by aquakacheek on deviantart.

1 moon = 1 month.

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