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Palm Tree Termite Damage

Termites bore into trees where they create tunnel networks connecting nourishing soil with tasty live wood. Recently a customer reported that they found a subterranean termite “lead’ travelling up one of their palm trees stumps on a property in brisbane.

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Last year a man returned home from a hard day at work only to find that a tree had fallen onto his house.


Palm tree termite damage. Further reduced the palm damage as well as and pest population (ramle et al., 2011). Palms, unfortunately, are not immune. They can feed off a palm tree for years before there’s any noticeable damage.

How to treat the infested palm tree? Termites attacking a live palm tree (arecaceae) will eat it from the inside out, often starting at the roots and working their way up. Not having proper soil is one of the top ways to accidentally kill your.

Young and weak palms can be killed, while trunks of large specimens can become structurally unsound. After you’ve pruned all the infected wood from the tree, use termite killer around the base of the infected tree. Locate the termite colony, if possible, and completely eradicate it.

They will eat the woody center of the trunk from the roots up to a significant amount of the tree. Frost damage is much more destructive to tropical palms. Before you make any decisions about a valuable palm tree, make sure to consult a professional arborist as a good old fashioned inspection is the best course of action.

Also spray the trunk up to the height of two feet. Mar 30, 2017 #1 hello, The methods of termite treatment inside a living tree are pretty much the same as the ones for the infested house or timber.

Typically these termites will start at the root of the palm tree and work their way up to the base. On the other hand, palm trees do need fertilizer to grow properly. Act quickly at the first sight of termites or telltale mud mounds to salvage the palm tree.

When termites attack a palm tree, they will start eating it from the bottom where the roots are attached to the ground. Do termites eat palm tree roots?. The roots of palm trees are very fragile.

2.3 bunch moth the bunch moth, tirathaba rufivena and termite, coptoterm es curvignathus are two Usually, homeowners will notice mud and mounds around the base of the palm tree because the termite tunnels are inside the tree. Although frost is sometimes spotty, it can damage much more fronds on the tree, including the growing bud.

Having a safe and effective plan for termite treatment for palm trees before the termites enter the tree is important. A sign of termites in a palm tree includes a mound near the tree right at the base. In fact, the united states department of agriculture (usda) estimates that more than 30 percent of new orleans’ live oak trees are infested with formosan termites.

This is not uncommon in the south east queensland area where there are a lot of palm trees and termites. Fertilizing your palm tree too close to the trunk can permanently damage the tree. They will live inside the tree and eat it for quite some time and you will only notice the damage when it is severe.

On clear windless nights, frost can completely cover an entire palm, including their trunks. They need protection, and fertilizer can burn them. The tree eventually settled in between two different homes, resulting in a loss of electrical power.

If a palm tree appears weak and undernourished, termites could be the culprit. The first and most obvious sign of termite damage to palm trees is wilting. So, here’s what you can do:

If the bud is injured and dies, then the tree will follow. Eventually, the termite damage will be too extensive for the tree to survive. Termites are sometimes spotted at ground surface near the trunks of palm trees.

You’ll also find their colonies in wood piles, in the ground, and underneath buildings. But to find such a large lead was a bit unusual. If the infestation is extreme, consider trimming the entire tree or consider getting the tree removed.

The sooner you can have your termite infestation removed, the less risk there is of damage to your home, garage or other areas of your property. It will be filled with chewed up wood, fecal matter and small particles. How to prevent termites on your property to prevent termites from moving in or returning to your trees, it’s important to keep up with regular tree maintenance.

The biggest predictor is the species susceptibility to freeze damage, location of the palm on site, geographical location, height and age. Formosan termites are a particular threat to trees. Also, spray nearby trees and plants.

Start by removing and burning any branches that seem dead or hollow and raking mulch away from the base of the trunk. Joined mar 30, 2017 messages 5 age 42 location metairie, louisiana. This hollow area is then used for nesting.

Termites, which many people associate with the destruction of the wood in their homes, will also eat the wood of living trees. The palm tree branch had fallen as a result of termite damage. Spray as directed and take proper safety precautions.

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