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Hoster Tully Family Tree

Game of thrones family tree targaryens. Brynden was born in 282 aa to hoster tully and cynthea tully (grell).

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Do you have an idea on where celia tully fit in all this ?


Hoster tully family tree. He was the father of edmure, catelyn and lysa and the older brother of brynden. I mean, we have elmo, kermit, grover, and oscar. Lysa arryn, cateyn stark, edmure tully.

House tully of riverrun is one of the great houses of the seven kingdoms, and rule over the riverlands from their seat riverrun.house tully is an old noble house of first men origin, dating back to the age of heroes. The village was just where notch had promised it would be. Tully family tree ~ tower of the hand

Rose to power during the targaryen. It's not a village, it's only black stones and old bones. As a child, brynden loved to climb and do dangerous stunts, and was often found atop the towers and walls of riverrun (acrobatics), against his mother’s many warnings, showing a wild and.

The principal house of the riverlands, the tullys of riverrun. Game of thrones family tree targaryens. I think she was hoster's aunt.

Game of thrones family ties. I have family trees for house stark and house arryn. Also some tully on their tree needs to be named aloysius.

A fansite for george r. Lysa arryn, cateyn stark, edmure tully. {{family tree of house tully|state=expanded}} to show the template expanded, i.e., fully visible

He ruled over the riverlands from the castle of riverrun. They took shelter in a grey stone stable. Hoster tully was the former lord of riverrun, head of house tully, and lord paramount of the trident.

He had one brother, brynden. Only half a roof remained, but that was half a roof more than any other building in the village. See more ideas about tully, a song of ice and fire, catelyn stark.

So i personally think that hoster's mother was possibly a wayn, with utherydes being a cousin to the tullys. Yeah being estranged from your brother for 30 years because he would not marry as well as murdering your own unborn grandkid is the mark of a man who really loves his family. When the invaders attacked, edmyn tully rebelled against the king of the isles, harren the black, and sided with aegon targaryen.

He was the father of catelyn stark, edmure tully, and lisa arryn. The unknown lord and lady tully are just there to show that hoster and brynden are brothers. House tully rose to prominence during the war of conquest, when lord edmyn tully led the rebel river lords who deserted king harren the black and joined aegon the conqueror.

Top characters #30 brynden tully (2/26/2015) north is no place for a blackfish (8/14/2012) two characters unworthy of praise (11/17/2011) top characters #20 brynden tully (11/19/2010) the blackfish gone dark (5/28/2008) Get started familysearch family tree. Brynden ”the blackfish” tully, hoster tully.

Lord hoster tully was the lord of riverrun, the lord paramount of the trident and the head of house tully, one of the great houses of westeros. According to his second daughter lysa, hoster tully was very concerned over young catelyn's eating habits and had septas watch over her to make sure she did not grow fat and dilute her marriage possibilities. {{family tree of house tully|state=collapsed}} to show the template collapsed, i.e., hidden apart from its title bar |state=expanded:

Garret tully was born in 262, to hoster tully and minisa tully (born whent). Create a free family tree for yourself or for garret tully and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Garret henry tolley 1824 1911 new york new york

Tully dna project we invite all males with any spelling of tully, tulley, tuley, tolley, or similar to test your dna here. We recommend avoiding these discussions until you're caught up. Yep, hoster was playing the game to win.

Interested women can test via a male relative. Hoster was born in 239. Hoster tully minisa whent petyr baelish alerie hightower elinor tyrell elyn norridge garlan tyrell hobber redwyne horas redwyne leo blackbar leonette fossoway lia serry loras tyrell luthor tyrell.

Hoster tully and minisa tully. Brynden ”the blackfish” tully, hoster tully. Hoster tully and minisa tully.

Currently defaults to autocollapse to set this template's initial visibility, the |state= parameter may be used: During the war of the five kings, he declared for house stark and his grandson robb stark, the king in the north. Hoster tully was torching the riverlands before it was cool.

The youngest of three siblings, he would only receive his mother attention during his early years, being ignored by his father largely. R graphics output created date: Martin's a song of ice and fire and hbo's game of thrones, featuring chapter and episode guides, character profiles, family trees, maps, essays, and more.

Brynden "The Blackfish" Tully, brother of Hoster Tully

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