A stable supply of fresh fruit from your garden is very nice. Many are working hard to make this dream come true. However, many do not understand how easy it is to infest fruits with fairly serious worms. Nothing is more troublesome than chewing an apple from the tree that has been enslaved for a long time. Just to discover that they are not keen on pesticides.

It may seem like a hassle to spray pesticides all the time, but it should never be overlooked. It costs money to hit the yard and spray every few weeks.

Spray seems like a time consuming process. Ultimately, you need to go out and buy all the consumables, mix the chemicals, apply them and clean up everything used in the process. Sometimes you may even need a ladder to reach every segment of the tree. If you have multiple large trees, the entire process can take up to 4 hours. Doing this every two weeks can be very tiring and frustrating. However, you should always insist. Regular sprays usually help prevent moth infestation, but they may not be enough.

You can usually find moths that lay eggs on trees by looking at the ends of the branches. If you notice that it looks like a moth egg mass, you should immediately prune and destroy the branch that finds it. Carefully check the rest of the tree. As the eggs hatch, large numbers of moth larvae crawl through your tree and into your fruit.I don’t know you, but just thinking about it makes me miserable.

I once had a friend who was dealing with a very terrible moth epidemic. He couldn’t find a fruit in his tree, and none of it contained insects. He eventually had to cut down the entire tree (the stump was a squirting mass of white larvae. I threw it when I saw it. Criticize my weak stomach!), All traces I professionally removed the stump to get rid of. It is an absolute farce that you have to start from scratch with a tree that you have been working on for a long time.
I myself live in the same area as that friend I just mentioned, and I have never had a problem with moths. This is because every Saturday during springtime, I make it part of my schedule to go outside and spray down my entire tree. Preventing the infestation of unwanted guests is much better than having to cut down a tree and start completely over just because of a little laziness.

If you have not thought of spraying pesticides in the past, you should head to your local gardening supplies store today. Find out what pests are most prevalent in your area, and buy the appropriate pesticides to prevent them from ever visiting your trees. I urge you not to brush this off, as it will save you lots of trouble in the long run.