In the past, there were only different types of apple trees available for purchase. However, thanks to the greatness of genetic engineering, when buying apple trees, you can now choose from a variety of apple varieties and flavors. Here is an overview of the five popular apple varieties that are possible for the first apple tree. The

Fuji apple was first introduced in Japan and has been on the market since 1962. Green skin with red stripes on the sides. The inside is delicious and sweet. It is white, firm, chewy and very aromatic. It ripens in mid-September, but it tastes best when fully ripened by October or November. These apples start early and grow abundantly.They are suitable for pollinating other apples. Fuji trees tolerate moist, dry or poor soil, but the quality of the fruit probably reflects the quality of the soil. Apples are always the best when fresh and are great for cooking. Gala

apples are a great tasting import from New Zealand. The skin of the gala apple is yellow, slightly reddish, and medium-sized. The inside is yellow, very juicy, firm, refreshing and has a nice scent. Some of the best tasting apples you can grow that are fresh. They grow fast and the trees endure strongly. They ripen at the end of July.They are not commonly used in cooking just because Fuji is a better alternative. Trees can also grow on moist, dry, and poor soil.types of apple trees

Delicious Braeburn apples vary in color from red striped gold to almost completely red. He first gained popularity in the late 1940s. Originally from New Zealand with Fuji, it is now the best-selling apple in Germany. The interior is white, refreshing, fragrant, firm and juicy, not only sweet, but also slightly sour. Sizes vary from medium to large. They were introduced in the United States around 1980 and met with great enthusiasm.They are one of the most popular apples in the world. They usually do not turn brown very quickly after being cut. They ripen around October or November.

As the name implies, red, Red Delicious apples are very tall and large. Its yellow interior is crispy, sweet, juicy and delicious. They are cultivated all over the country and are perfect for salads. They are usually recognizable in the form of a unique heart. They were first introduced in 1874 in Peru, Iowa. They ripen from mid to late September.They are usually best when fresh from the tree.

Golden Delicious apples have a great juicy taste. Its interior is solid, white, refreshing and sweet. Even if it is boiled or baked, it has a wonderful flavor and shape, so it is ideal for cooking. The skin is thin and soft, making it ideal for salads. Sizes vary from medium to large. It has a shape similar to a Red Delicious apple. The inside is crispy, juicy, sweet and mild. It’s pretty vulnerable, but many people enjoy it.They ripen at the end of September. They are suitable for many purposes and will last a long time if not treated roughly.