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Dwarf Weeping Plum Tree

About five years ago, i purchased two fruit trees, a weeping santa rosa plum and an ultra dwarf blenheim apricot tree at osh on clearance at the end of bare root season. The santa rosa plum tree (prunus salicina ‘santa rosa’) is a medium size plum tree maturing to heights of 25 feet tall and 20 feet wide.

Prunus Cerasifera Hessei Dwarf Flowering Cherry Plum

* images shown are of mature plants.


Dwarf weeping plum tree. This does not need the typical pruning at planting time. Dwarf trees are not hard to obtain and come in a variety of species and ornamental fruits. Graceful weeping form of the world famous santa rose plum.

The fruit is of equal quality as the standard santa rosa. The fruit is of equal quality as the standard santa rosa. The weeping santa rosa plum tree produces fruit similar to santa rosa, but ripens a few weeks later.

Purple plunge weeping plum tree prunus cerasifera 'purple plunge'. Weeping mulberry ( morus alba ‘chaparral’) ‘chaparral’ cultivar is a type of dwarf weeping mulberry. Long slender limbs bow gracefully to the ground.

Williams pears are truly delicious and this variety does well as a dwarf tree, but it will need pollinating with a concorde or conference. If you are torn between having a beautiful weeping tree and having a fruit tree in your front yard plant the weeping santa rosa japanese plum tree! We've taken care of the selection process for you and put together a range of small weeping trees, so whether you want a variety with fantastic foliage or beautiful blossom, there's something to inspire everyone.

Prunus salicina x 'weeping santa rosa' a fantastic focal point in your edible landscape, the weeping santa rosa has a beautiful draping habit, showy blossoms, and delicious fruit. Patio & miniature plum trees. Kids love hiding underneath the “fruit fort” of these weeping trees.

Dwarf santa rosa plum trees (prunus “santa rosa”) are a drought tolerant, aggressively growing plum species that perform well in u.s. Matures early to mid january. This is the graceful weeping form of the world famous santa rose plum.

One of the most flavorful, aromatic japanese plums when fully ripe. Pixy rootstockn is the secret to growing dwarf plum trees for the patio. This section for dwarf plum trees contains trees that are grown only on ‘pixy’ rootstock.

For those of us with smaller gardens, a carefully selected small weeping tree takes up little space yet adds so much drama to the garden. Purple plunge weeping plum tree. Any tree can be pruned to the perfect size for a small garden, but there are also dwarf varieties for patios and pots.

Plums can be very successfull on the patio and you can easily grow a plum tree in an 18″ pot. Make sure youb choose a space saving column tree, or a dwarfing bush roottsock such as pixy. Weeping santa rosa japanese plum tree.

Plum trees for small gardens are easily grown with some basic knowledge. Grows to a height of 2m and a width of 2m. The weeping santa rosa plum tree has a beautiful weeping habit making this a remarkable landscape specimen.

The trees branches are trained in a downward sweep and the drooping habit presents a charming shape. While it doesn't set large crops of fruit, santa rosa plums are a be Partially self fertile, pollinates with mariposa or.

Also called the white mulberry, the ‘chaparral’ cultivar is a dwarf tree with arching weeping branches that grows to about 6 ft. The form and texture of a weeping tree is an unusual garden accent. How to trim a dwarf santa rosa plum tree.

Medium sized round fruit with dark red skin and yellow to pink flesh. See more ideas about cherry tree, weeping trees, dwarf cherry tree. Low chill plum tree weeping to the ground.

Dwarfs are usually 10 to 12 feet tall but come in many of. Perfect for small spaces and containers! Fruit is very similar to santa rosa and tree is productive and vigorous.

Graceful, showy spring blooms and abundant fruit in the summer! Weeping santa rosa plum ultra dwarf patio tree.

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