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Dragon Ball Super Goku Family Tree

1 bardock and son family tree 2 vegeta and brief family tree 3 norimaki family tree 4 kimidori family tree 5 katas family tree 6 frieza. Myuu's family tree 11 shadow dragon's family tree bardock and his spouse gave birth to raditz and kakarot.

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The four series that make up the dragon ball franchise are dragon ball, dragon ball z, dragon ball gt, and dragon ball super.


Dragon ball super goku family tree. The son family is introduced in the series with the character son goku, whose name is the japanese on'yomi rendering. Like all attendants, he is bound to the service of. A post shared by dragon ball (@dragon_ball.z.super) on sep 3, 2017 at 10:55am pdt much like in real life, there are few families that sit on the top of the totem pole.

Goku jrs first transformation in particular was shown in the dragon ball gt special a heros legacy aired at around the time that episode 40 was broadcast. Goku as a child, an adult, super saiyan, and super saiyan 3. 1 these are the main families in the dragon ball franchise 2 bardock & son goku's family tree 3 vegeta's family tree 4 paragus and broly's family tree 5 cold's family tree 6 arale norimaki's family tree 7 dr.

Kakarot landed on earth and was renamed son goku by grandpa son gohan. Broly gave fans a tool to breakdown all things saiyan. The main families in the dragon ball series.

The end of the family is not goku jr. Here is the chronological order in which to watch them. Bardock and his wife gine gave birth to raditz and kakarot.

The following is a list of family trees. Dragon ball has 153 episodes and follows the story of goku from when he was a child and was sent to planet. I'm simply the life form that's known as whis!

Discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest However, some other sources do not refer to them as related. Goku is the main protagonist of dragon ball z (they've got a new game coming!) and, practically, the face of the franchise.

Turles is goku's older brother. The dragon ball franchise is about goku, plain and simple. Turles is goku's older brother.

Family trees bardock and son goku's family tree bardock and his mate gine gave birth to raditz and kakarot. Dragon ball family tree by takineko on deviantart. Along with the other angels, he is a child of the grand minister.

The son family is the main family in dragon ball, and consists of six known members, plus extended family and an unspecified number of unnamed members. Gyumao and chichi's mother had chichi.; 10 questions we still have after dragon ball super:

Kakarot landed on earth and was renamed son goku by grandpa son gohan. Iknow this isnt everyone, but its more or less all the family ties, as well as a few friends hehe i have no life edit:: Haun pan uks goten the 3rd golan videl.jr goten the 4th goku.jr uks gohan the third bardock (adoptive son of grandpa gohan, father of raditz and goku, grandfather of goten and gohan, great grandfather of.

At the moment, it's my job to look after lord beerus.whis in dragon ball z: Throughout the story, goku has made many friends and enemies along the way, but his family has expanded since then as well. Gero/android 20's family tree 8 bibidi's family tree 9 katas's family tree 10 dr.

Added some stuff fusion brought. Everlasting legend super saiyan goku. However, some other sources do not refer to them as related.

While goku’s immaturity is part of his charm, there’s no doubt. Dragon ball z dragon ball image bape wallpapers manga anime anime art dbz memes rwby comic db z league of legends characters. This is one of the two families in the series to have the earthling and saiyan bloodlines (the other being the brief family).

Resurrection ‘f’ whis (ウイス, uisu) is the guide angel attendant of universe 7's god of destruction, beerus, as well as his martial arts teacher. 25 crazy facts about goku and his family. Not long ago, the team behind dragon ball super:

Bardock and his wife had raditz and kakarrot (son goku).;

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